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Weddings On the Hill

Hi guys! Welcome to my story of the day! So I am originally from West Linn – commence eye-roll, I know!! Every day, twice a day, I either rode the school bus or drove down Highway 43 past the most amazing house up the hill from the highway. I used to imagine that I would own that house one day! And then one day a couple asked me to cater their wedding at Weddings On the Hill. And I discovered that MY house was now a wedding venue! Of course I jumped at the chance to work there (and pretend I lived there..). And so our relationship started!

Terri is the on site coordinator at Weddings On the Hill and she is AMAZING!! We just hit it off right away, and now I am booking catering for most of her 2019 weddings. Terri and her team provide so many extras that most venues charge you for, like on site coordination, dessert set up, bar set up, room flip, plus all linens and dishware INCLUDED in the venue price!

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Hi guys! Welcome to my blog, where I intend to share my fabulous catering life with all of you! You all know I am serrrriouly introverted so I’m not much of a talker, but I LOVE to hear your stories!


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